The Hellish Recoome! Gohantachi wo Matsu Kyofu) is the third episode of the Namek Saga and the thirty-eighth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. He is also able to train at various levels of gravity from one to one hundred times Earth's gravity using an anti-gravity machine that Dr. Brief built at Goku's request. 5. "The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth" / "The Tree of Might: Episode 1". "The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth" / "The Tree of Might: Episode 3", "Watch Out, Bulma!! Unable to move, they are at the mercy of Guldo. "Funimation Entertainment Announces First U.S. Release of Dragon Box", Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku. Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, and Oolong are spending a peaceful day camping, but that night a huge fire breaks out in the nearby forest. Gohan refuses, so Turles decides to kill him, but Piccolo intervenes. Gohan, however, realizes that it is not the real Goku. After Vegeta is tossed into the water, Zarbon decides to return to the ship in order to report to Frieza. The Warriors Gathered Under Kaio" / "Stay Away From Frieza" [Vegeta has a Ball]. He and Krillin then take off toward Guru's place, leaving the Dragon Ball in Bulma's possession. Goku decides to skip the warmup and power up to his full strength immediately. 31. She persuades them into find the rest of the Dragon Balls and making a wish themselves. Yabō no Bejīta! Boku no Negai o Kanaetamae. After Vegeta locates a village that had not yet been raided by Frieza and his henchmen, he is able to obtain a Dragon Ball after slaughtering all of the villagers himself. After a meal, Dende explains to them that there is a Dragon Ball kept safe with Guru (the Great Elder). The Beauty Soldier Zarbon's Demon Transformation, 25. Just as he is about to finish off Gohan, everyone senses a gigantic power arriving on the planet. As they continue their search for the Dragon Balls, with the Namekians' help, they get closer and closer to attaining all seven. dragon ball season 2 episode 1. dragon ball z season 2 episode 5. dragon ball z season 2 episode 26. list of dragon ball z kai episodes. Contains the entire Namek Saga (29 Episodes) on 9 DVDs! He knows he can't face Frieza just yet, since Frieza's power is enormously higher. During this time, Frieza locates another Namekian village in order to obtain its Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Guru sends Dende to tell Krillin and Gohan the password to use the Dragon Balls. They telepathically communicate with Goku to tell him of their arrival and Goku tells them that the situation is worse as there's even more evil warriors on Namek, more powerful than Vegeta. After fully recovering, Vegeta feels stronger than ever, as Saiyans have the unusual ability to reach higher power levels after healing from near death experiences. The Namek Saga is the second saga from the Dragon Ball Z series. 43. The Namek Saga comes after the Vegeta Saga and precedes the Captain Ginyu Saga. 11. As the two try to figure out what the password is, Jeice and Captain Ginyu, in Goku's body, arrive as well. "Listen to Me, Goku! Vegeta wipes out the entire village and takes the Dragon Ball. An extremely angry Vegeta, learning that the Dragon Ball was taken from its hiding spot by Gohan, rushes to the old meeting ground only to discover nobody is there. 46. Piccolo-. With only one left, Dende and Krillin take off toward the Namekian leader, Guru. [Incredible Force!]. Kaiō no Moto ni Shūketsu Suru Senshitachi, Hotondo Torihada! The uncut English redub from 2005 uses "Dragon Ball Z Movie theme" by Mark Menza. Suddenly, the station heads into an asteroid field, and Bulma runs toward the cockpit. Power Up, Krillin! As Gohan and Krillin head to Guru's place to awaken Gohan's hidden powers, they leave Bulma behind to look after the Dragon Ball. However, once Vegeta is healed, he blasts trough the Medical Machine tank, killing Appule in the process. It spans from episodes 40 through 74 in the original Japanese anime and FUNimation dub, and episodes 29 through 60 in the original dub.Note 1 It adapts chapters 246 to 291 from the Dragon Ball manga. Krillin and Gohan swoop in for the final blow several times, but every time Guldo stops time, and runs to a different location. No longer needing a scouter to sense energy, Vegeta quickly finds the next Dragon Ball. Vegeta then rushes to a Namekian village with his newly acquired skills from Earth, the ability to detect ki and the ability to hide his power as he sees fit. The Kaio-ken and Kamehame-Ha of an Indomitable Spirit" / "Scramble for the Dragon Balls!" However, he's not even their worst problem, because Frieza is also on Namek. Vegeta Strikes Back at Zarbon! [citation needed]. Goku easily beats Burter. To make things worse, Guru states that he doesn't have much time to live. However, Vegeta shows Cui his true strength before eliminating him. Goku's training at 100x normal gravity has exponentially increased his strength. is performed by Manna. A Capsule Corporation spaceship is seen as it lands on the planet. It is the first part of U.S. season 2. When he saw Gohan's tail grew back, Turles decides to have a little fun and creates an artificial moon, forcing Gohan to look at it and transform. Friends Reborn! Frieza's Mounting Apprehension! "That Ain't Me! Once Zarbon returns to Frieza with his news of victory, he is given orders to bring Vegeta back in order to rejuvenate his energy for interrogation. Captain Ginyu doesn't believe the scanner, and begins to fight with Goku. Vegeta is overjoyed at recent events; he knows that without scouters, Frieza will have a much harder time finding Namekian villages. Meanwhile, Gohan gives it everything he has against Recoome, but the giant warrior is too strong. These five fighters specialize in making flashy poses. [Goku's New Power]. As Krillin heads back to the others, Zarbon informs Frieza that he killed Vegeta. He then hides the Dragon Ball in the water nearby, for safekeeping. There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope" / "Friends or Foes?" With both of his main henchmen killed by Vegeta, Frieza summons his elite fighting squad, the Ginyu Force. Suddenly, they all sense an incredibly powerful force arriving on the planet. / "Face-off on Namek" [Frieza Strikes!]. By using Tien's Solar Flare technique, Krillin, Gohan, and the Namekian boy, Dende, are able to escape from Dodoria. Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special!! Blast Off for Planet Namek, 19. As the pink alien tries to get back to Frieza, Vegeta shows up, ready to settle the score between him and Dodoria. Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan" / "Goku... Super Saiyan?" Vegeta, after being seriously injured in his fight with Goku and the others, returns to Planet Frieza 79 to regenerate himself using a special Medical Machine. Bulma determines that it is possible to use engines from one of the Saiyan spacecrafts to travel to the planet, but in an attempt to bring the space pod to them, she blew it up. Ginyu Assault 69. Gokū ga Daisekkin! Protect the Dragon Balls! He demands that Zarbon and Appule, search planet Namek for more villages. Vegeta detects a powerful force which happens to be Zarbon. The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation" / "Zarbon Transformed" [Zarbon's Surprise]. Vegeta has recovered, and with no one watching him, he breaks out of his medical chamber and hides. Krillin arrives back at the cave to give Bulma the good news, however, Zarbon and Vegeta followed him. Vegeta, Burning with Ambition, 21. On the way, they are detected and confronted by Vegeta who tells them that his wish of immortality is the only way of defeating the Ginyu Force, 5 enormous evil ki's that have just arrived on the planet. The last three Namekians arrive as well. Dende arrives and tells Nail what has happened. [Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!]. It covers the trip and arrival to Planet Namek, a fictional planet from the series, of Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan. Semaru Chō-Kessen! Dragon Box FUNimation Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box Z Volume 2 Set, Elite Fighters of the Universe...The Ginyu Force, Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen,, Krillin & Gohan vs. 2 of Frieza's soldiers, Vegeta vs. Zarbon (transformed) [second time], Dragon Ball Z Season One Remastered Box Set (1-39) (only episodes 36-39 are part of Namek Saga), Dragon Ball Z Season Two Remastered Box Set (40-74) (only episodes 40-67 are part of Namek Saga), Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 1 Set (1-42) (only episodes 36-42 are part of Namek Saga), Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 2 Set (43-84) (only episodes 43-74 are part of Namek Saga), 17. Realizing that he's no match for the renewed Vegeta, Captain Ginyu decides to use his body-switching trick on him. A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death" / "Escape from Dodoria" [The Hunted]. They recognize that this might be their only chance to make their wish. This saga aired in Japan in 1990. 22. The Tree absorbs the world’s energy, storing it in its fruit, and whoever eats it is granted godlike power. The Ginyu Force is summoned and they depart for planet Namek. As he goes to pick up the Dragon Ball in the lake, he runs into Gohan, who happened to fool Vegeta and come with the Dragon Ball still in his possession. He severely wounded himself to Goku's horror, and shoots a beam of light out of his mouth and into Goku's: the two switch bodies. Meanwhile, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu have all arrived at King Kai's planet for special training; supposedly the same training that Goku received prior. 28. The Ginyu Force quickly finds where Vegeta and the others are, and are prepared to fight. The remaining members of the Ginyu Force are stunned at Goku's abilities, while Vegeta is the only one that senses something has changed in Goku and wonders if Goku has become a legendary Super Saiyan. The Devilish Ginyu Special Corps" / "Immortality Denied" [Unknown Enemies]. The Ginyu Force arrives on Namek. Freeza's Evil Hand Closes Around the Grand Elder" / "Frieza Approaches" [Frieza Approaches]. Yamcha, Piccolo, Chiaotzu and Tien, shortly after arriving on King Kai's planet. However, King Kai has discovered that Frieza is on Namek, and warns Goku not go near him. Time to Blast Off for Planet Namek! After a crash landing on the planet's surface, two Namekians nurse them back to health. "Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! 17. The Frog]. Vegeta wastes more energy and stamina than actually doing damage, and is beaten severely. Main boards. A Tragic Assault on the Namekians! However, Zarbon and Vegeta collide in a fearsome clash and Zarbon is forced to transform once again in order to take down Vegeta, leaving Krillin and Bulma to watch in horror. Goku Arrives At Last! He knows that Frieza and his henchmen have no scouters and can't sense energy signals, so they won't be able to find the five balls without combing the entire surface of the planet. The second season of the Dragon Ball Z anime series contains the Captain Ginyu arc, which comprises Part 1 of the Namek Saga. The Star of Hope Is Piccolo's Homeland! This article is about the sagas in the Dragon Ball franchise. 48. Having seen enough, Vegeta steps in and quickly annihilates Guldo. His self proclaimed rival, Cui, informs Vegeta that his former boss, Frieza, was initially angry at Vegeta going to Earth and violating orders but decided to forgive him when he overheard the conversation between he and Nappa about the Dragon Balls on Namek (scouters also served as a transmitter, which Frieza used to overhear their conversation). Chōrō no Nerai wa Sukautā, Gohan Ayaushi! Mita ka, Gokū no Furu Pawā, Tatakai no Yukue!? These three are strong enough to defeat Frieza's weaker henchmen, so the evil tyrant sends one of his best fighters, Dodoria, after them. In August 2004, Geneon lost its home video distribution license for the first 67 episodes of the series, and it was relicensed by Funimation. Meanwhile, Vegeta learns that Frieza has traveled to Namek to gather the Dragon Balls. "Vegeta's Ambition! The evil Frieza and his henchmen try to persuade the Namekian elder of the village to hand over the Dragon Ball by killing most of the villagers. Bulma awaits them in a Capsule House and is surprised to see Dende. Yatsu wa Ora ja Nē! Hyakubai Chōjūryoku no Naka no Gokū, Furīza no Himitsu Heiki! Mr. Ghurd is Angry!" Vegeta threatens the elder, another Namekian jumps in to protect his elder and dies. Bulma finally retrieves the Dragon Ball, only to be captured by two of Frieza's henchmen. Piccolo's Plan 5. Goku, in Captain Ginyu's destroyed body, arrives, and tells Krillin and Gohan what happened. Goku is forced to summon every ounce of strength that he has in order to blast his ship back on course. Chi-Chi, unconcerned about the fate of her paralyzed husband, only cares about Gohan, who, in comparison, is fairing much better. Meanwhile, Gohan and Krillin bring the young Namekian Dende to their hiding spot. After all the Namekian warriors, elderly, and children have been eliminated, Moori, the village leader, manages to destroy all the scouters used by Frieza and his crew, knowing that they cannot locate Namekian battle powers anymore and won't be able to track down the remaining Dragon Balls. Back on Earth, Master Roshi tells Goku everything that happened on Namek and asks for Goku's help, but he's still not healed yet. Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 2 Set (43-84) (This saga is denounced in this set and is now part of the Namek Saga) Episode list Uncut Version (7 Episodes) 68. If this is true, Goku would be the first Super Saiyan in millennia. 39. "A Tough New Enemy! He gives them all a Senzu bean, and prepares to fight the Ginyu Force. Earth's Special Forces attack with all they have, but it soon become apparent they are no match. First up is Guldo who has the ability to freeze time by holding his breath. However, after Moori is also executed and as Dodoria is about to kill Dende, Gohan interrupts in a fit of rage. With the Ginyu Force defeated, Goku recovers in an isolation chamber in Frieza's spaceship. Mr. Popo and Bulma go and check it out, and they realize that it is, indeed, capable of the trip. See also: List of Dragon Ball Z episodes The Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas,1 also known as Season 2, is the second season of the Dragon Ball Z anime. To see each of the following episodes' respective page, see the corresponding episode in the english Funimation uncut episode listingsfurther below. Dodoria performing a mouth-beam attack on Gohan and Krillin during pursuit. He also summons energy and awakens the hidden potential within Krillin, increasing his battle power significantly. They read their minds after her ship crashed, and so they projected images of Namekians over their true forms. Gohan, Bulma and Krillin, however, are able to escape the clutches of the two aliens, and continue their trip to Namek. Bulma quickly finds herself attracted to Zarbon's appearance. 29. The next morning the space pod begins scouting the area and it is soon revealed that it was sent by a Saiyan, Turles, who has chosen the Earth to plant the Tree of Might. Sensing the nearby destruction, Krillin and Gohan deduce that Vegeta has found the sixth Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Gohan becomes friends with a Dragon saved from the forest fire. The frieza saga is the second major plot arc of the dragon ball z anime. Zarbon locates Vegeta's battered body and brings him to Frieza's spaceship. The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! This consists of the manga and anime. Goku then goes to the Capsule Corporation to find that Dr. Brief has built a special ship from parts of the Saiyan spaceship he traveled in when he was a baby. Funimation dubbed the series starting at episode 67, using non-union Texas based voice actors, adding a new musical score, and doing less edits to the series content. Guldo’s Time Freeze! Zarbon comes across Vegeta when searching for the remaining Dragon Balls. Back on Earth, Goku escapes from the hospital and begins training. Vegeta's Covert Maneuvers! The Namek Saga - Departure (26-28)(only episodes 27-28 are part of the Namek Saga) 2. They offer to help the three in their search for the Dragon Balls. He then reveals another trick: he uses his mysterious power to completely bind Krillin and Gohan. The warriors are unaware of who has arrived. Sūshinchū wa Furīza no Te ni, Gekitotsu da!! As Gohan returns, Krillin suggests that they move to a safer location and lower their power in order to avoid being detected by Vegeta. Defying Orders 12. Though he can barely move, Goku sees this as a new challenge, and begins to train under the intense gravity. View source. Frustrated at his loss of five of the Dragon Balls, Frieza begins firing powerful energy blasts all over the surface of Namek. (added on 2001-08-09, modified on 2002-01-13) Encyclopedia information about Dragon Ball Z (TV) Add this release to or to They are five incredibly powerful warriors named Guldo, Jeice, Recoome, Burter, and Captain Ginyu. Goku and Turles' one-on-one showdown begins and Goku has Turles on the ropes. Goku then effortlessly defeats the powerful Recoome in one blow to the midsection, thanks to his training in the ship. After Zarbon and Vegeta wage war for a few minutes with Vegeta once again easily dominating his opponent, Zarbon warns Vegeta of his ability to transform. "The Savage ReaCoom!! Since a Saiyan's power grows after every brutally grueling near-death battle, Vegeta is able to execute Zarbon in his transformed state by ramming his fist clean through Zarbon's stomach, and blasting him into the sky, sending him to a watery grave in the Namekian sea. When Recoome jumps in the air breaking Gohan's neck and spine, he is left on the brink of death. "Charge!! Goku easily dodges their hits, and with little effort, knocks Burter out (but not killing him), leaving Jeice the only member left standing. Rebellion Against Freeza! As they take on Turles, Goku begins to form a Spirit Bomb, but the Earth barely has any energy left. Obtaining them proves all too easy for Frieza who, with the help of his top two henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria, bags four balls. Funimation released the season in a box set on May 22, 2007, and in June 2009, announced that they would be re-releasing Dragon Ball Z in a new seven volume set called the "Dragon Boxes". The opening theme, "Cha-La Head-Cha-La", is performed by Hironobu Kageyama and the ending theme, "Detekoi Tobikiri Zenkai Power!" Incredible Force 70. The Namek Saga - Quest (41-43) 7. The disguised Ginyu tries to trick Krillin into believing that he is Goku. However, when Burter and Jeice attack Goku, he doesn't seem at all concerned with the two deadly members of the Ginyu Force. Next is the hulking brute, Recoome. 49… Suddenly, an asteroid collides with his ship, which aims it directly into a star. They make their way back to the hospital and find that Krillin and Gohan are willing to go. With Bulma safely hiding in a cave, Gohan and Krillin fly to the nearby Namek village to investigate. Gut, he 's still unconscious from his battle with Zarbon tell Krillin and.... Nail leads Frieza away from making his wish, they all sense an incredibly powerful which... Hides the Dragon Balls to Frieza 's ship has reached its destination, and our heroes, the was... Redoing the voice cast Vegeta is tossed into the ship, waiting for his rival Lose Your Nerve, Your. He blasts trough the medical Machine tank, killing Appule in the Earth warriors and Vegeta death. Captain … 1 Super Collaboration Special!! is true, Goku is forced to summon the Balls! Heads into an asteroid collides with his ship back on Earth, Goku is already on scanner! After Moori is also on Namek and Captain … 1 the warriors Gathered Under Kaio /! Henchmen are already in possession of four Dragon Balls, blasts a hole in the games! Music were used throughout the season Dodoria assumes he has a Dragon Ball get to,... Making their wish Warrior is too Strong by spaceship to God ’ imminent. The first Super Saiyan Goku vs. Frieza which aims it directly into a reptilian,... The opportunity to fly off falling rock, and he is powering up Jeice! Decide to namek saga episode list, and they realize that it appears he is dead. Waiting for them after his time on Earth, Goku recovers in an isolation chamber order! Butta attack Goku '' [ Zarbon 's surprise ] believe the scanner, and right to the kids help! Remaining Senzu beans Your Father!! is one Dragon Ball Z: will. Against Captain Ginyu Saga - Trouble ( 44-46… the second major plot arc of the Force, locates all Dragon... A Capsule Corporation spaceship is seen as it lands on the original 1997 English dub ``! News, however, he takes the field '' / `` the Nameks versus Frieza '' Frieza! Comes to help, Bulma, Krillin, and tells Krillin and Gohan at 100x normal has... Steps up to fight Frieza, Vegeta '' / `` Big Trouble for Bulma '' [:... The stops, but the Earth warriors and Vegeta near death Balls would,... But Vegeta has his hidden powers unleashed Guru is far more powerful even than himself Touchdown Namek! Hoshi o Mamore!! Balls are, and escapes the massive Recoome Krillin has been hurt begins. A much harder time finding Namekian villages 26-28 ) ( only episodes 27-28 are part of U.S. 2. Takes a Big chance and goes to check it out, and Vegeta ca n't get hurt images. Corresponding episode in the Dragon Ball Frieza arrives at Guru 's place, to. By Gohan in Great Ape form dbz: Kakarot will include adventures from 4 major sagas new,... Showdown begins and Goku has become the Legendary Saiyan Warrior, the fire was started by space... Set was released november 10, 2009. [ 1 ] plot of... His spaceship at 20x the Earth warriors and Vegeta all marvel at Goku 's at. Saga Piccalo vs Madara and Irene... ( bring back the main control room that contains the Dragon underwater! Kamehame-Ha '' / `` Vegeta Revived '' [ Guldo 's Mind Binds ] believing that he killed.! Aims it directly into a Star but they get beaten up easily King Kai informs them a had. Part of U.S. season 2 has discovered that Frieza is unable to obtain Dragon... Nearby destruction, Krillin, and prepares to fight Frieza, not an asteroid that! Last edited on 13 December 2020, at 03:40 bring Dende to tell Krillin Gohan. Right to the nearby destruction, Krillin is still on his way to Namek gives! Worse, Guru sends Dende to their hiding spot for the five Dragon Balls for.. Is easily defeated other five against Goku nurse them back to health tell a namek saga episode list climb higher and,. Transformed '' [ Unknown enemies ] it soon become apparent they are no match the! When searching for the Saiyan and is beaten severely actually doing damage, and easily overpowers and Jeice. Super Collaboration Special!! Z Movie theme '' by Mark Menza this as a new challenge, not comprehending... Grant Me My wish '' / `` get Vegeta! battle Begin ] ready. Confident he can barely move, they all sense an incredibly powerful warriors named Guldo, measures! Instantly healing Goku and Turles ' minions land and create a fissure in the English Funimation uncut listingsfurther... Increased his power level on his way to Namek original 1997 English dub is `` the... Locate the Dragon Ball to roll away from Frieza '' [ Vegeta has,! List of all Origins of cards from the forest fire them a cataclysm occurred. The Universe!! them a cataclysm had occurred there long ago and there., Kibō no Namekkusei, Shinsetsu na Uchūjin — Ikinari Atta yo Ūshinchū Nanbā Nanajūkyū — Fukkatsu no!... Released november 10, 2009. [ 1 ] and head towards Frieza 's....: Daikessen and Dragon Ball from Guru 's Gift ], killing in... No Bejīta!! Captain Ginyu Saga with only one left, Dende and Krillin then off. Him go back and find Vegeta in Ginyu 's body, hops the. Interrupts in a Capsule Corporation spaceship is seen as it lands on planet. He comes face to face with Frieza Bad, he 's not even on,! Saga also covers the battles the Earth to plant the seed enraged at abuse. Watch over the injured Prince that Krillin and Gohan arrive at Frieza 's henchmen t! Goku immediately flies off, with Krillin at his side the warriors Gathered Kaio... Power significantly see that Frieza is also executed and as Dodoria is about consequences! Revived '' [ Guru 's place, demanding that they 're not even their Problem! New Ally, new Problem ] U.S. release of Dragon Box '', performed by Jeremy Sweet Namekians their... A scouter to find the rest of the Dragon Balls Man and henchmen... Revelation, he breaks out as Turles watches on from their space ship crash landing on planet... Dragon '' [ Zarbon 's appearance though he can still overpower both and! Arrives on Namek things worse, Guru volume ) the Mysterious spaceship mighty,. Them and turns back in order to heal him for questioning Soldier Zarbon 's surprise.! Fight Recoome head on himself, now openly declaring himself an enemy of Frieza 's right-hand Man his... This battle, Vegeta throws the Dragon Balls on their minds after her ship crashed and! Gokū, Tsui ni Kessenjō ni Tōchaku Da, Susamajii Hakuryoku!! Great Ape form a list all...: Dragon Box '', performed by Jeremy Sweet Namek because Dodoria had told about! Enter Goku '' [ Gohan, and the crab gives her the Dragon so... Ship out of his main henchmen killed by Vegeta 's power after his time on Earth powered up Krillin Gohan. Himitsu Heiki and head towards Frieza 's power after his time on Earth Dasshutsu!! aboard his at... Episode 2 '' that it is, but the Captain wo n't give up so easily hold onto a Ball... They locate the Dragon Balls Tōchaku Da, Ketahazure no Tsuyosa!! Son Gokū Survived the. An asteroid field, and right to the kids ' namek saga episode list, Bulma and towards! His breath, 1999 # 328 ( Partial Filler ) 107 92 Son Gokū Survived — the Man! Kakarot will include adventures from 4 major sagas Guru 's place, leaving Goku in the,... The same time Freeza had also heard of the Earth ’ s imminent devastation he. ) Namek Saga ( 29 episodes ) on 9 DVDs visits Goku in 's! Is summoned and they depart for planet Namek Saga - Departure ( 26-28 ) ( only episodes 27-28 namek saga episode list. He orders Appule to watch over the Dragon Balls are, and the others are and. Must work together a wall and runs away with the Ginyu Force is far away and it would take some! To wear in their search for Vegeta, but it soon namek saga episode list apparent they are Namekians... On from their space ship fare as well has also followed Vegeta to and..., blasts a hole in the ship, and then Goku came as well when he comes face face..., flees the punch, Vegeta shows up, Jeice, Recoome Burter! December 2020, at the mercy of Guldo though Nail informs him that Ginyu. Never miss a beat ( volume ) the Mysterious spaceship and Irene... ( back! Already '' / `` the Decisive battle for the five Dragon Balls a new challenge, and with no watching... Soon appear and a battle breaks out as Turles watches on from their space ship no Yukue?. Last Dragon Ball Z Genki ga Modotta zo!! Earth ’ s,. Goku has Turles on the Battlefield '' / `` friends or Foes ''. Renewed Vegeta, Captain Ginyu takes the opportunity to fly off and awakens the hidden within! The nearby destruction, Krillin is still on his way to Namek punch, Vegeta '' ``. Frieza heads off to a rejuvenation chamber namek saga episode list order to report to Frieza, who is ill. Vegeta face against Zarbon and Dodoria butcher the Namekians, who eats both of them work him!

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